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We’re Yum Bun, the original street food sellers of bao in London. We’re here to change what you expect from street eats, one fluffy bun at a time. Food on the fly is often synonymous with unhealthy or unrefined, but we don’t believe you have to choose between quick and casual or carefully crafted.

Our buns are always fresh from the basket, hot and fluffy. They are split and filled with playfully irreverent fusion, inspired by Japanese Izakaya-style cooking. Think East meets West at its best.

Lisa’s love affair with steamed buns started as a kid. Growing up in Kobe, she’d look longingly at the nikuman in convenience stores. Then, in the summer of 2010, she came across gua bao in a recipe book. These fluffy folded bao were the perfect pillow for pork belly, or a piece of crispy fish. Lisa couldn’t stop thinking about them.

By September she’d set up as London’s first steamed bun vendor in the East End’s Broadway market. Back then, 4am trips to the meat market was standard, as well as all-nighter bun rolling sessions with friends.

We’re proud to have been at the forefront of the street food revolution in London over the past decade. In the early days we took our big yellow food truck to festivals, ran a pop up restaurant in Old Street, served thousands upon thousands of buns from the OG food-rave-in-a-car-park-night-market that was Dalston Yard.

We are now resident at two of London’s most iconic food halls - Old Spitalfields Market and Kerb’s Seven Dials Market.
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Buns that rise to the challenge

We’re not perfect. But we try our best to consciously source with animal welfare and our planet in mind.

We use British vegetables when in season and our seasonal specials make the most of our beautiful seasonal fruit and veg. Think juicy plum punch in October, finely shredded sprout slaw in December.

We’ve partnered with Klimato, who’ve analysed our buns and all their ingredients to measure their carbon footprint. If you’re trying to keep yours to a minimum and want to know which buns are the kindest to our planet – check out our Klimato menu.

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